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Audio recording

Hello! I just bought Nokia 8 and I was amazed of it's recording quality! However The audio quality is only excellent when using stock camera app. I do lot's of music stuff and many times I do not need video, only audio Recording. I tried different Recording apps but all of them sounds horrible. If I record same stuff in video it sounds great. I would like to know If there are solution about this. I would really love to use Nokia 8 to record stuff. Thanks Kmeex

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Yes. I decided ti buy N8 just because ozo audio. But it does not have a Nokia's recording app to use all function of 3 mics.

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Now Cogi is best app to record audio. But I'm still waitting an app recording from Nokia

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Dear Nokia

Please add App recording that support OZO.

Thank you

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I agree, Nokia please add a recording app that uses OZO.

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 I'm also looking for an audio recording app from Nokia that will utilize the OZO audio, I haven't bought the phone and looking into the LG V30 because it HAS a wonderful audio recording app, I have an interest in the Nokia but concerned about the lack of an audio recording app and also the lack of a built in radio, also, I'm not sure anyone reads this thread so we might be waiting our time here,

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You should buy Iphone 7 or samsung

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I bought Nokia 8 partially because of OZO Audio. I wanted a high quality surround audio recorder always in my pocket. Of course the feature doesn't exist! Such a shame.

The general purpose audio recorders on the market don't support surround sound either.

I asked Nokia support team, but the chat was hilariously absurd. They don't know even what it is, let alone be interested in feedback and feature requests. Not as if I didn't pay for it!

Nokia, please provide an app to record audio. Or at least an API for OZO recording and mixing from the 3 mics!

For your delight, my support chat with Nokia below. World class!

Let's each and everyone ask them about OZO audio recording until they have nightmares about it at night and finally plan for the feature!







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Dear user1500800626920. Please follow and do what I said. 1. Get a Nokia 8 2. Open up camera apps in Nokia 8 3. Select video mode in camera apps 4. Select microphone option (it is next to the dual camera option Button.) (Choose rear and front mic) 5. Select colour or Monochrome . 6. Record the video 7. Open your PC or laptop 8. Download Freemake Audio Converter 9. Import your recorded video to PC using usb cable. 10. Open Freemake Audio Converter 11 . Find the video you imported 12. Import it to Freemake Audio Converter 13. Select Mp3 14. Convert it to Mp3 15 . Find the Mp3 converted 16. Done.

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So the workaround is to record a video then extract the sound for that on a computer. Better than nothing, but not great.

Same problem here, don't know when they will fix this

the AUDIO RECORDING APP is must man......please make it for us otherwise you will loose all Nokia Lovers

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Hey, Nokia, I support the addition of Audio recording apps feature that uses Ozo audio can you make one for us and integrate it into your next smartphone? Please.

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Some apps from Google Play can record stereo. E.g. Sony's Audio Recorder. They use bottom mic and rear mic. So if you want to record stereo, you may place the device rear side up on table.
Yes I am also forced to Use Sony's Voice recorder but Nokia should include their own as Sony's doesn't support OZO and I need Just audio recording as I record alot of lectures and then converting the video to mp3 is a hassle
Until an audio app appears, extracting the audio from video is obviously the way to go, but Freemake is not a solution I want to use, firstly because OZO is based on AAC audio and not MP3, and secondly because more than one major anti-virus provider won't let me download Freemake, which doesn't look as though it's on a secure site. How about a simple proprietary Nokia audio extraction app? The Sony app is stereo, but you can't adjust input gain. The AGC (automatic gain control) - no algorithms here - distorts live music horrendously.
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