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Does the Nokia 8 use the A/B partition scheme (Seamless Updates) like Pixel?

 hi there

can't find any info on this topic on the internet.

does it use the a/b partition scheme (seamless updates) such as pixel phones? because sometimes, an update uses an enormous amount of time on step 1 of 2. so maybe one possibility is the a/b partition?

Well... It does seem like it does all the work BEFORE reboot. So to me it really sounds like it. The reboot after an update seems just as fast as a regular reboot
Hi swejuggalo, since your reply it has been 2 months now. Did you still observe the same fast reboots for recent updates? Would be glad to hear a "yes"...
Yes. It does the upgrade before the reboot. It boots up nearly exactly the same as a normal reboot even after a upgrade.

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I didn't notice any different behaviour when I upgraded to the Oreo beta either

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Now I can see it myself with my new Nokia 8 ;-)
It installs updates in background after downloading - very cool feature, which usually only Google Pixel devices have!

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