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Beep sound everytime i get a respone from a ussd call

Hello I recently got a nokia 5 its nice but it has this annoying beep sound after dialling a ussd code I cant seem to find an option to turn it off. Is there a way to turn it off

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How to turn off USSD code sound nokia 5
Beep sound when using USSD is so annoying. This, together with my unusually louder SMS tone (louder than ringtone) has forced me to be on 'vibration only' 

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I want to turn off the USSD code sound

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This beep sound is so annoying. Even third party apps can't turn off this as it is system enabled. I've sent feedback regarding this for several times but got no response from them. Nokia should not skip this type of tiny issues, because sometimes this type of issues become very annoying.

I too have the same issue with my Nokia 6

Also, I cant seem to find an option to turn it off (USSD code  sound in Nokia 5)

Hi has a anyone managed to sort out this problem, I have the same annoying thing going on

Really need a fix for this. Its really annoying

How can I stop lazy swipe on my Nokia 6 phone,it is annoying!

The USSD code sound on my Nokia 6 is terribly annoying, how can I stop it!

for this noise when a text is sent seems to be the only time I got this bleep. long story short. you have to manually change it in your network provider settings. the phone itself does not have the option to turn it off. Its your balance notifications you need to turn off. this stops the noise. and it also stops showing the balance. hope this resolves any issue

 Yes I agree on this too. The re should be an option to disable USSD replies and if not at least the option to disable that beep. It is so annoying.

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