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Z Launcher

Although I like HMD's pure Android ethos, I love to see continued development of Nokia's Z Launcher. To me, it is by far the most intuitive and uncluttered launcher out there. So I thought, maybe HMD could take over the development and have it as an option for people who want it. Just an idea.

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 I agree, like I've said elsewhere.

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The website appears to have been recently updated (has a new certificate, no longer expired) and it's now possible to download Z-launcher direct, without using Google Play - nice move Nokia!

It's still in beta on Google Play though, no update since April last year. Oddly Z-launcher has its own feedback forum, it's not part of the new Nokia Beta Labs.This suggests that Nokia Technologies are still developing it, not HMD.

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please HMD please continue developing the Z launcher from nokia team. I use it in my nokia 8 2017 with androdid oreo 8.1 and works like a charm.

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what the version z-launcher are u guys using now?

according to google play its last version is 1.3.8-beta

the Z launcher available for download (compatible with previous versions of android from Lollipop 5.0 to Oreo 8.1.1) is version 1.3.8-Beta. Also I can tell you that the version in my Nokia N1 tablet is 1.2.20-Beta. Both work seamlessly in Android. Let me know any questions

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From what I've read the way Android P apps drawer will work is very similar to Z Launcher, only the GUI is different.

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