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Enter recovery and factory reset (if phone can't boot or can't be unlocked)

I've seen several suggestions but none really let's me boot up a recovery mode. Safe mode is the only thing I managed to enter so far. How do we enter and fix possible issues like patterns not allowing the phone to unlock or simply do a factory reset if the need would come? I don't have a issue myself, but I'm very interested in how regardless 

"1A) ----> How to make hard reset for Nokia 8 in case you cannot access the phone. But this will delete all the data saved on the phone. 1- Remove Sim cards and SD card 2- Connect your device to the charger (and turn it off.) 3- Press and hold simultaneously the Power on and volume up buttons. 4- Once you see the Android logo hold down the power button only. 5- Wait between 20 to 30 seconds till the recovery mode opened. 6- Slide down using volume down to ( wipe data/ factory reset) 7- Select yes and then yes delete all user data 8- Restart the device and start with settings again. 1B) If you able to access the device, the easiest way is: Please first do a complete backup of your device, as factory reset may delete all of your data. Then take the SIM(s) out, go to Settings - > Backup and reset - > Factory reset the device. Then the device will restart and you have to install all the updates that will come. When you see the home screen, then you can put the SIM card(s) back. 1C) The last option is to have the phone checked at a service point if none of these above works. "

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The method mentioned in this thread did NOT work on my Nokia 8. I was prompted to update to Android 8.1 and now the phone shows a "System UI has stopped" every time it boots up. Useless. 

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