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Tablets running android

it would be awesome if hmd release it's first android running the latest os version from google, since hmd global oy is the exclusive licensee of the nokia brand for phones and tablets, they have moved with speed in putting the nokia brand back to the smartphone market in less than a year and it certainly looks promising. now, for almost everyone is no surprise the tablet market is not as big as it was some years ago (it seems that in 2017 the only manufacturer which seems to be increasing tablets sales is apple due to its new ios 11 release which incorporates desktop like capabilities into their ipads...see file manager and multitasking for example) however it is also true that android os is being developed to be a much powerful os aimed to laptops and desktops and if all goes well the time when android will be released as a laptop/desktop competing alternative to windows...macos is closer and closer, so it would then make sense for hmd to release a tablet which can certainly replace a laptop for most users on the go who seek mobility and good battery life in a compact and lightweight device.

some years ago nokia released the nokia booklet 3g (a small mini laptop computer with 3g sim card slot running windows 7 from factory) then released the nokia lumia 2520 (a powerful tablet with zeiss optics and 4g capabilities via sim card running windows rt) and finally under nokia technologies transitions to hmd released the nokia n1 (a seven inches tablet without cellular capabilities running android 5.1.1) all these devices were very impressive but lacked from a powerful os as it is android nougat and they then could be taken into account to design a new tablet aimed to replaced a laptop... (imagine the nokia lumia 2520 with its su-42 power keyboard which included a built in additional battery and 2 usb ports and also served as a carrying case for the lumia 2520 with its zeiss optics but running the desktop version of the latest android os) i think it would be sold out in a hurry from many many users

it is well known hmd has no plans in the near future to start developing tablets since their focus is in the smartphone segment but since they are the licensee of the nokia brand for tablets too then they can base its future tablets perhaps in those three devices mentioned above (nokia booklet 3g, nokia lumia 2520, nokia n1)

The tablet market is dying. No one is buying them anymore. As phones became stupidly big, tablets stopped being relevant. And the largest tablets (+9"), are now expected to be more than a tablet but a 2+1. The problem with the 2+1 being that Android is the worst OS for it.

I think HMD would do better to focus on phones. They have A LOT of work to do to catch up to Samsung and LG in that area already, they don't need to be distracted by a product with such a very limited audience and that's shrinking. I said, tablets at the moment are not mainstream and their market share is low BUT taking a look at what apple has recently done with their iPad pro line and ios11 then their iPads are truly capable devices almost there to replace a laptop for users on the go. Now, android Is making Is spot in desktop pcs and seems very capable as an alternative to windows OS... it's a matter of time for Android to take off as a desktop OS..and when that happens it would be smart for HMD to release a tablet similar to the Nokia Lumia 2520 with its SU-42 keyboard for example but running Android for desktop many developers are indeed working on that project...imagine the power of Android in a tablet that can replace a laptop...less weight...more battery life..4G LTE capabilities... touch screen without the problem of 2 in 1 devices...the whole ecosystem of Android apps... that's really promising...As I does not make sense for HMD to focus in tablets more than in Smartphones...but as time passes and Android gets better an more of like powerful then HMD can jump into the tablet market for the first time... is set to make iPads a replacement of laptops and they are doing very well indeed

It's not a question of tablet market share being presently low. It's that it WAS big and it's decreasing. It's not that people aren't adopting tablets, it's that they're getting rid of their tablets.

The iPad Pro doesn't actually sell that well. In fact, no iPad does. Apple likes to pretend that they're super innovative and what they say defines the industry. That's a lie. The iPad Pro is a poor tablet that can't compete with the Surface Pro line from Microsoft (or any other Windows tablets of the kind). That's why they keep increasing their prices. They can't attract new customers so they raise the prices. That way they can show their shareholders profits without actually having an increase in sales.

As for Android becoming a strong desktop OS, that will never happen. Android itself isn't designed for desktop and as much as Google tries it, they just can't compete with Windows. Desktop experiences will continue to be controlled by Windows as much as mobile experiences will continue to be defined by the Android paradigm.

The future of tablets is with Windows. But there HMD would have the competition of well established desktop brands like HP, Dell, Asus etc which would simply crush their chances.

I think it would be smarter if they were to actually look at IoT devices instead of tablets. Connected home, wearables etc. But then again...Nokia is already doing that. Which leaves HMD free to only concern itself with the phones. If anything, HMD could explore mobile AR and VR experiences.

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