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Vanishing topics?

i've notice some topics with suggestions (i made one about a theme engine) have vanished from the forum without any reason. why is that happening? site glitch? moderator censorship? what gives?

Post Scriptum: we can still find the threads through the search but not on the main pages of the forum...



Thanks for your message.

Not to worry - we've certainly not removed your topic from the forum (we only remove posts that go against the House rules). It looks like there is a small glitch that is preventing some topics from being displayed properly. We're looking into it as we speak. 

Thank you for your patience while we fix things and have a wonderful day!

- Anna (Moderator) 


Quick update - this issue has now been fixed and you should be able to locate your thread inside the forum it was posted in. 

- Anna (Moderator) 

Hi Anna,

Thanks for the update. I found it really odd which is why I brought it up. Glad it's fixed ;D

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