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[Problem] dolby surround sound equalizer not working

1. open play music  

2. swift right to open menu

3. go to settings

4. go to equalizer 

5. blank screen

Do not need much But if it can fix , it will be great.

(NOKIA 5 TA-1053)

//Sorry for my English

Go to settings. Then Apps. Then show system apps.. search for MusicFX. Click storage then Clear cache and clear Data.

Hola, según una actualización corregirá esto, más Nougat 7.1.2 no lo hizo, sigue el fallo :(


Hi, according to an update will correct this, more Nougat 7.1.2 did not, follow the bug :(

do you try clear data and clear cache for Dolby Service in Systems apps? Try clear teh data of MusicFx and Dolby service in system apps. then restart your phone. Try again reopen the equalizer. If blank again, close the app and try reopen it again. This is from my experienced. 

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