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Exclusive Nokia apps and features required

Dear Nokia , I have been using Nokia phones since 2005 and what made Nokia different from others is its exclusive designs, hardware and apps. Somewhere in New Nokia series there is a lack of features and hardware. So i request you to provide at least some basic apps like Nokia camera, Nokia music player, Nokia file manger

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 I know that HMD will say that in the Android store there are many great apps and we could just use those instead of HMD poor effort into making Nokia-specific versions. This is true, but it's also true what the OP says - the reason people bought Nokias was for the software and the hardware, they were better than the competition. Now, if the software is the same as everyone else, the hardware must be the best in the world. Is the hardware the best in the world? Maybe OZO Audio is, ZEISS lenses maybe, but what about the rest?

To really make the new Nokia's stand out from the Android crowd both the hardware and the software must be better than the competition. I join the OP in requesting that HMD/Nokia put some effort into making Nokia-exclusive apps. I know the Camera app already exists but it's got some way to go to be as good as the old Lumia Camera app,but that's being discussed on other topics already.

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I agree with that.

It needs Nokia-specific apps to fix the flaws of bare-bone android.

In my opinion, this includes a theme, a launcher and other improvements in the area of design and usability.

The camera app definitely needs to be improved. Compared to Lumia 920 or Lumia 930, the current app is a step backwards.

Nokia's quality can't just stop with the hardware and the rest can be left to Google. Otherwise HMD joins other Android handset manufacturers such as HTC.

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It will be good if Nokia make  its own apps with the  Nokia design e black theme, like: Dealer, messenger, gallery( with the same functions of google fotos, like make a backup , acess photos via web and with a dark theme), broswer( with a reader mode, like firefox and a reading list), file manager, calculator, agenda, contacts and settings. It will be good too, if the next Nokia flagship phone come with dual speakers, amoled screen and camera sensor with graphene. I know that it will cost a lot of money and time to make the apps, but it will be a dream.

 Please don't.

I prefer consistent experience, i.e. no unusual or vendor-specific apps or features. The way of lesser surprize it is.

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