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VoLTE and VoWifi calls

I have understood that Nokia 8 is able to support these calls. Why Nokia 8 is not listed among phones supported by Elisa in Finland? Also the current firmware of the phone does not give the option taps?!

I have the similar problem in Romania with Digi.Mobil. VoLTE option is enabled on Sim, work and tested on ZTE Blade A320 but not on Nokia 8. They (Nokia Support) told me as VoLTE option is visible on phone when operator/carrier enable this service but not happen in my case. So I can have VoLTE on ZTE Blade A320 but not on Nokia 8 (frustratingly). Anyway, the only part where you find VoLTE option on Nokia 8 is if you dial this code *#*#4636#*#*, Phone Info and there is the option to enable VoLTE, but don't remain active. For sure Nokia have to move a little bit faster in this way to send an update with last carrier/operators VoLTE, we have service active on Sim but we can not use on Nokia.

As far as I have understood it, Nokia cannot do anything if the Carrier have not decided to support on the Nokia 8, so until your carrier tells Nokia to enable it for the specific Nokia model, it will not happen.

If they want add. There is a file with preconfigurated APN in /system/etc/apns.... Have inside slot of operator excluding the Digi.Mobil VoLTE APN. Plus are some settings for modem (I can not root to compare with Samsung 8 or ZTE A320). Of course operator have to offer that, but I'm sure also if Nokia want to become Nokia can do a first step and to become one of first supported device with VoLTE and VoWifi in this network (Digi.Mobil 226-05). Telenor Norway release VoLTE on Nokia 8 few weeks ago. I'm sure they know what they have to do, I just inform as we are many with Nokia 8 in Digi.Mobil network and we really need VoLTE and VoWifi, and we really hope to be on first supported devices. Before iPhones :)

I think that Nokia would be less than popular with carriers, if they started enabling it without the acceptance from carriers.

I received this response from HMD/Nokia: "the VoLTE will enable automatically as soon as you have 4G enable - as the Mobile Data must be 4G or above.And also make sure that you Operator has enabled the VoLTE for you. As these releases have specific hardware dependencies, we will need to ensure your phone is fully supported before we can test and release to the operator. Once the quality has been assured, the Security Patch will be delivered to your phone. Due to this, the Security Patches are dependent upon your device model, operator and also your location." Meaning that each phone model has to be tested and approved by your carrier!

Yes, seems as that is the mode of one mobile device model to be used/accepted with VoLTE/VoWIFI in your carrier network. But, if we are waiting for operator to request this from Nokia, in my case, maybe will be never. 

My operator do not sale this model (Nokia 8) or another Nokia model, so maybe i will have VoLTE/VoWIFI never. They start with Samsung S8/S8+, Xiaomi Mi6 and ZTE Blade A320. Maybe continue with iPHONE's and so on. I'm a little bit disappointed with Nokia 8, i suppose will be a real alternative to Samsung S8 but seems as Samsung is more implicated to collaborate with Mobile Carriers as anyone else. 

Technical moderator


in most of the cases IMS services like VoLTE and VoWiFi are dependant on agreements between operators and HMD Global. In general, before VoLTE/VoWiFi enable, it needs to be properly tested and approved by the operator first. This is done so that the operator can ensure the best possible quality of the given device towards their own customers.


Thanks to HMD Global for fast reaction! Today VOLte and VOWifi calls started to work on Finnish Elisa network. Nokia 8 and Nokia 3 both are now listed by Elisa as compatible devices!
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