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Locked bootloader ? Why no root

hi nokia

why is it not possible to root my bokia 6 ta-1021 ?

there is an option "allow unlock bootloader". but with adb it's not possible to unlock.

please change this !  



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second this. 

Since google stopped their nexus series and started with the overpriced Pixelphones, there is a gap for fair priced devices with vanilla android and open bootloader. 

After 3 months: no answer from Nokia. This just S U C K S! No root no buy !

Great phone, but I'd also like to be able to unlock my Nokia 6 in a 'normal' fashion. Great build quality and value for money, but it's too bad it's being pinned down.

There are plenty of ways to unlock the bootloader. Just because HDM does not say how it works does not mean it's not working ... ;-) My tip: XDA Dev Forum.
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