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Problem faced till now after usage of 23 days !

1. we can not turn off the camera shutter sound ! (the support is still working on it !)

2. heats a little after gaming or internet usage, maybe due to the metal body !

3. the software of the front camera needs to be fixed somewhat blur !

4. in the morning light the pics captured are great but in low light i.e in night in the room-light the pics are not that great ! ( ya i know the camera of this phone is not for

    low light photography, but as u know its nokia so i expected )

5. its depends on googles apps like for :

                     gallery - google photos

                     music     -  google music

                     contacts - google contacts

6. cant easily switch between 4g network to 3g network in different sims, we have restart the device or remove the one sim and then afterwards insert it !


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I have a Nokia 6 too and I am also faceing thoes problems ... Although my phone's temperature remains too high all the time ... It's about 39° celcius or about 104°ferenhight  and it increases when I turn on my data or using any app ....樂樂 That's so embarrassing ....and also faceing thoes problems. 

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