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[HELP] Nokia 8 Front Camera Mirror Image problem

alright, so i just bought nokia 8 today. i so far like the phone a lot, until i realized that all the pictures i take using my front camera gets mirrored / flipped horizontally from the preview display when i took the photo (e.g. if the display shows head is on the right, the photo shows that the head is on the left). i opened the camera options to see that it is extremely barebones and doesn't have the "save pictures as previewed" option that most andriod phone cameras have. does anyone have any idea on how to fix this problem?

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That sounds like a app bug. We just need to wait for a update. We also have a issue with opening the last taken picture from within the camera app. It opens the previous picture and not the newest one.
It might be a feature and not a bug... However slightly confusing to use the camera mirrored when the end result will not be what you see.

Do we have a fix for this???

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