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Clock Widgets disappeared

hi nokia and nokia 6 users

on my nokia 6 ta-1021 first the "original" clock widget disappeared. i could not find a way to restore it, under "widgets" there was no clock.

so i installed another clock from goggle store. after restart of the phone: same thing, also this clock widget was gone.

i installed "fancy widget" another one and: same issue.

the widgets can be "activated" again by delete and reinstall from the store, otherwise they are gone in "widgets".

on all my android phones i had a clock widget, it never disappeared until my change to nokia 6.

thank you for any help.



Take a look at this thread :

It seems that there's a problem in the management of the widgets and nokia/HMD is working on this trouble.

I did the operations and all my widgets are back. I hope they will stay on :)

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A factory reset fixed this problem for me.

i just uninstall clock and reinstall and widgets are back. happens every couple of weeks

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