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Nokia 6 Camera Shutter Sound

The shutter sound of Nokia 6 can't be turned off. Although I keep the ring volume, media volume and even alarm volume to zero and also keep the shutter sound off in camera settings. But nothing helps. Please fix this Hmd

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Hi Shameek! 


We need to make sure we always comply with local laws and regulations. The legislation in some countries requires the camera sound not to be turned off. This is to prevent any privacy violations (such as pictures being taken of people without their consent).


If your software is up-to-date and you still can't turn off the camera sound, this is likely to the privacy regulations in your country. 


Hope this helps,

Anna (Moderator)

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realy this i too much


Please consider adding the option to change the camera "shutter" sound to actually sound like a camera shutter.
It's not any laws... It's irrigating sounds Fix it please

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Hi All..after updating my phone to Android 8.0 oreo,I am abel turn off my camera shutter sound permanently..big relief :-)

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