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Display doesn't turn on

I have Nokia 3 and sometimes the phone is in working condition but the display doesn't turn on even after pressing the power button. I need to force restart the phone then by pressing volume up+power button to restart the phone and the display starts working then. Is there anyone facing this issue? Any help is appreciated.

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Have you updated to 7.1.1

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Same issue here . Sometimes when I connect my charger phone goes off and restarts after 6_7 mins . UI is laggy . Nokia should fix this with new updates . We believe in you NOKIA . Please let us down.

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Yes vikas, I have 7.1.1 and still I face the same issue. Agree with you Grover.

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I am facing the same problem, whenever I am taking a picture by using inbuilt camera app,phone display automatically turned off.display doesn't turned on after pressing power button.All we can do that time to reset the phone.Is there any solution.please update.

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I also had these problems so I factory reset it. After that I haven't experienced any problems to date
But back up your stuff before factory reset ING it
But backup your stuff first
I have done factory reset from settings option.but till facing same problem.After clicking a picture when I am lock the screen , display is not coming.please suggest if any other way to solve this problem..
For mine. When the display doesn't appear , I mostly wait a while then the phone restarts. Resetting it was my only option. My problems were only freezing and the display not coming in sleep mode.
Your problems maybe the camera and photo apps itself . Try delete the old pics in the app

The issue in nokia 3 is the Noughat 7.1.1 update,and many nokia3 user are facing it i saw a lot of nokia 3 in nokia care ,then i started figuring out the reason and found out that the new feature in 7.1.1,Standby intelligent power saving in battery settings was the reason,i compared the 7.1.1 version of a One plus 3T device and found out that oneplus already removed that setting and then provided the update,So i turned off that setting but it only reduced the frequency of hanging but won't go off i finally decided to revert my device to Noughat 7.0 by the help of local Nokia Care and now my phone is normal.So my suggestion is go to nokia care and tell them to remove 7.1.1 and reinstall the default 7.0,and don't forget to turn off the auto system update in developer settings which is hidden,to unhide the developer options you need to tap seven times on Build Number in about phone section.If you dont turn auto update off then your phone will auto update to 7.1.1 if its connected to wifi.

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Ok thanks

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I bought a Nokia 3 today and hours later the display died. I had to restart the device. Is there a fixing for this or should I return the device?

Do you think I should do a factory reset to downgrade from 7.1 to 7.0 again?  Thanks.


Hi Alberto Castro,

Sorry to hear this. It would be good if you could take your phone to a care center near you (or if you're in Europe, to the shop or operator you bought your device from). They will be able to look into things more closely. 

Hoping you get to enjoy your new phone without any hiccups soon!

Anna (Moderator) 

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