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Groove Music playback issues

good afternoon fellow nokia lovers. 

(first post here, hello!)

hope you're all enjoying your nokia branded phones. i've moved over from my lumia 950xl and have continued to use groove music on the nokia 8 i'm having issues with the app pausing. the phone is locked and after a few tracks it stops playing, unlocking the phone will restart the music. i've got groove music added to the whitelist in the battery settings and have just located the battery optimisation settings and have changed the setting for groove to not optimise. if anyone in here is a long time android user please do shed some light and aid me in my continuous playback of music!

thanks all. 

Microsoft gets rid of Groove. You'd better switch to Spotify :-)

I know! It's all because I left my Windows 10 Mobile. It's because of me. Haha. I've already made the switch, 60days free hopefully.
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