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Waste money

I buy n6.get heat up no gallery not brighter screen window as older Nokia mobile.not one thing to satisfy to me or my friends.ever made mistake to buy Nokia. A free tip for Nokia team just shut the corporation and go the hell.

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I agree with you, I am still crying for my money that I collect for 5 months Nokia I wish to make my money grove for you.
Nokia 6.1 heatup on charging & talking time. Waste of money. Useless mobile. No services support. I purchase this after my 1 year saving but all waste. Now I circulate all over to avoid Nokia phones. So that no new one will suffer .
Please don't buy HMD NOKIA they are just a dump, I really wish the true Nokia company is feeling bad for handing over brand to HMD , HMD is just sucking the money from customers,. Main issues of HMD Nokia phones: 1. No perfect updates as promised , security patches are coming, 2.improper services 3. They just looking for money not for customer need. 4. They just left the previous model after they release new one It's better to buy other brands , even a normal brand is better then this HMD Nokia phones . 100% sure u will regret if u buy HMD phones ,
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