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Stop making everything lower case please

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i posted a few replies to topics, plus a new topic. i notice that the new topic has been converted to all lower case. i know that i wrote with upper case, because i wrote hmd, nokia, microsoft, b2x, all with capital letters where they should be. the forum software obviously changed what i wrote to be all lowercase, which makes what i wrote look careless, when in reality i put care and thought into it.

also, when reading other people's replies it's much easier to read with capital letters where they should be. so please change this aspect of the forum software.

thanks :)


Hi madbilly,

This is strange indeed - we don't have any software in place that would automatically change text to lower case. 

If this issue persists, do let us know!

Have a great day,

Anna (Moderator) 

Community Hero

Hi Anna,

I think it may have been an issue with the text entry form in the browser, it may behave differently in different versions or browsers. I'm using Firefox, always the latest. I noticed that the box changed the text to all lower case when I pressed "Post Comment". But I don't think it's doing this anymore.

If I can narrow down the source of the problem I'll tell you.

Cheers :)


Thanks madbilly! :)

Anna (Moderator) 

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