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No Security Updates

My Nokia 6 (TA-1033) upgraded OTA to 7.1.1 on first use, however it has been stuck on the June 2017 since then and not received a single update. I see that Nokia was very quick to bring out the July, August and September security patches and this is one of the reasons that I wanted to buy a Nokia but why haven't I received any of them? I purchased two of these phones and both have the same issue. OTA is enabled on both. I have factory reset my phone. I am in Australia if that helps.

I too have this problem, in Australia also. Bought 2 nokia 6, my partners one got all updates including a new one today, mine is still 7.1.1 June update. Bought both phones st the same time from the same retailer. Could you please fix this issue nokia? Even releasing downloadable OTA files so we can maually update through recovery would be helpful, even a reply seeming this poor lad posted this 3 months ago.
I too have the same problem. I managed to update in October, had to factory reset with Telstra Sim removed, install a vpn, appear in Sweden and only then did I get the ota. I have quite a bit of software and some which takes time to install and configure. The factory reset is very inconvenient. I tried to get support via the Nokia chat support desk, I have been told to wait and it will come??? NOKIA please help.
I use may patch no update
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