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4G VOLTE calling problem on EE UK

i have a nokia 6 which is on the ee network in the uk. 

when on 4g mode and dialling out, the call disconnects at my end after about 15 seconds with a message "no response, timed out" however the other end still rings for about another 15 seconds, but if they answer there is just silence. the same happens on wifi calling.

when on 3g this doesn't happen and the outgoing call lasts for a very long time. 

has anyone else had this problem?



Same problem I just started another topic on this. Mine just hangs up after 6 or 7 rings.

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Just switched my phone to 3g and now works fine. Wonder if it's a problem at we or phone?
Which mobile network are you on? I'm on EE UK

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I am on ee as well. Can't find anything on their site about an issue at moment

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I spoke to EE second level technical support last night and eventually found out it's a known problem with at least some Nokia 6. They suggested going back to the carphone warehouse and asking them to test the sim on another Nokia 6.

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mine has been fine i think until recently. no new updates i am aware of having been installed. hope that some nokia person can contribute to this thread and tell us. 

It took me a while to identify the problem as driving around and being in the office meant I wasn't on 4g all the time. I'll go into CPW on Saturday and see if they have any info and if the fault can recreated on their handset.

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The same happens on their handset so it must be a problem with all handsets.

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I tried to chat with support the other day. I suspected it would be a waste and it was. They did not understand problem even when I sent link to thread. I am not an expert but it seems like a software thing. Something makes the phone hang up at a certain time. When I call it works fine as long as people answer in time.

I have exactly this problem. The phone is unusable for voice on 4G because on almost all call-outs the dialler terminates before the recipient picks up, but the ringing continues and the recipient then picks up to a dead line. If Nokia can't fix this then the phone will be going back to Carphone Warehouse soon.

Tech Wizard

Maybe your mobile operator made a mistake?
VoLTE requires a carrier specific update to the phone, and that update must only be rolled out to the phones they support.

The most current list of VoLTE supported phones at EE UK (that I could find) does not include any Nokia:

I suggest post and ask the EE forum, if Nokia 6 is supposed to be VoLTE enabled at all, and describe the issues you are facing.
- If calls are lost when moving out or into 4G coverage, then the proper technical term is 4G/3G network "handover".

Please let us know how it goes?

I'm still waiting for Telenor Denmark to enable VoLTE on my Nokia 6.


The page at shows that the Nokia 3 and 5 support VOLTE, and when you speak to customer services they tell you that the 6 is supposed to as well. 

Trying the Nokia 8 showed no problems when using my SIM card, so I don't think it's the SIM. 

The Nokia care line chat people said that it's a carrier problem, but when I asked them to explain why the same SIM works perfectly on the 8 and they then changed their tune to we will inform the developers. 

I am keeping my fingers crossed that the next Android Oreo sorts this out!

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now that is interesting that the nokia 8 works fine. so either it is some specific nokia 6 software problem or there is a hardware issue. i have contacted support by email and referenced this thread to them in the hope that they will actually interact with this forum.  i have not heard anything back yet but only sent the email yesterday.

While there is an official policy of not commenting on future software releases, I hope that 7.1.2 fixes this fault. 

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