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No September Update available

i have a nokia 6 ta-1021. until now, there ist no september update available. also, i wasn't able to find an offical nokia or hmd global server to download and install the update manually. only some non official sites offer the september update to download. without at least any offical md5 hash, these update files can contain nearly everything.

how can i get the september security patch for my phone?

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Did this today and this worked for me First back up your phone Take out the SIM card Factory reset the the phone with SIM out When phone restarts keep the SIM out and connect to the internet Now the phone will search for all updates once it has found it download and then put the SIM back in. I did this today on my Nokia 6 TA 1033 in England
The factory reset sim out method worked! But I'm not doing that every month... Sort it out Nokia!
This means it is not Nokia it is the phone carrier blocking the OTA

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No, the carrier is not in the game. The query for the OTA Update Server contains the carrier of the SIM Card. If there is no entry for our phones with our carriers, the OTA Update Server Returns, that there is no update available.

I bet, the specific carrier is still present in the query after removing the SIM Card. With the factory reset the carrier is  erased. I will test this in the next days.

Now we have to find the android Service which read and save the carrier Information on the phone. Only with stopping this Service and erasing all of his Service data should have the same result, as removing the SIM and a factory reset.


if you have bought your phone from a carrier with a carrier specific Branding, then it is possible that you get updates later or never, because it is up to the carrier to accept updates from GMD Global

I wonder how long we'll have to wait for the October update....  It's arrived on my son's Nexus 5X already...

 @user1507320204074, thank you very much for sharing the "Factory-reset-without-SIMcard"-trick. I own a Nokia 3, but had the same problems: no updates since July. Your procedure worked with Nokia 3 also.

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The new Nokia's are not sold by carriers yet in Australia but I am with one of the smaller carriers.

RichardFQ is my new favourite person. I put in a SIM for a different carrier and rebooted and BINGO - all the updates! No factory reset required even. Thanks for your help mate.

This looks more and more like the networks are blocking the OTA I use to have windows phone on O2 they were always doing it then and it looks like they are doing it again
If that was the case, would updating over wifi still work? I've managed to update two identical phones to October and September patch levels. No idea why one is still behind. Might have to do the full factory reset... Again.
Which one did you get the October one on
They're identical. Same model, same carrier and I thought I'd done the SIM swap trick the same on both. Apparently not.

Same problem with my Nokia 3, I think it is problem of the variants that sell the operators since the international variant TA-1032 received 7.1.1 but mine sold by Movistar Chile is the TA-1028 and not received the updates 

i received plenty of updates while first-time-install. Now waiting for October. Seems to get the same game.
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