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No September Update available

i have a nokia 6 ta-1021. until now, there ist no september update available. also, i wasn't able to find an offical nokia or hmd global server to download and install the update manually. only some non official sites offer the september update to download. without at least any offical md5 hash, these update files can contain nearly everything.

how can i get the september security patch for my phone?

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Well guys believe it or not, i did factory data reset trough settings, without sim card in my phone and after reset my Nokia 6 TA 1033 ss was still on September update and new October/nougat update is still not available on my phone. Did I do something wrong, any advice?

No I don't think you did anything wrong.  I did the same a couple of days ago.  I'm not sure that HMD have released the October patch for the TA-1033. Not here in the UK anyway.  

If anyone has received it maybe they could chime in?

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Tnx for info! Yesterday i was writing to nokia support and the told me that someone in the office got the update but question is was he thinking about ta 1033. I did mention in the chat that i have ta 1033 ss but you never know with those guys lol :)

Yeah, I have a hard time getting any sense out of customer support at the carrier or the hardware manufacturer. Basically, the people they allow you to talk to don't know anything.  We can't really influence what's happening except through forums etc. and hoping the feedback gets through to someone who knows what they are doing.

Guys did anyone received October update for TA 1033 ss ? Tbx
Same question here. Only just been through the whole resetting process for September. Has 7.1.2/October update actually been released for the UK TA-1033? If so, has anyone managed to find it on OTA? O2 UK here as well. Is worth noting that O2 UK don't actually sell or support the Nokia 3,5,6 or 8.

I don't think anybody with a TA-1033 has the 7.1.2 update. Maybe it hasn't been released yet.

I accept that O2 don't officially support the Nokia/HMD phones but I've owned umpteen phones from different manufacturers, always on O2 and I've never know OTAs not arrive because they've been blocked.

I think some carrier relations person at HMD just needs to have a quick word with someone on the technical team at O2 and I'm sure it could be sorted in no time.

Hi i have the TA-1033 sim free on O2 in the uk,Yesterday i had a Carrier Services app update in the play store and immediately after i had a system update which gave me the september security patch.

Guys me again :) lol. Anyone with TA 1033 received October update ?
Not yet. Going to try a different SIM tonight.
Simon please post result. Tnx! I tried already with different sim cards here in Serbia but no luck, same thing.
Hi all the only option working for ta1033 in UK at the moment is Download and install the Update from I did this and it does work

I tried this a few days ago on my TA-1033 and got in a mess with it.  The update failed part way through and just kept booting back to recovery. Had to reinstall the stock firmware with the June security patch and go from there.

It has happened to others as well because I found a few threads on it.  I had to use some cracked tool from XDA to put everything right. Not ideal!

Glad it worked for you though.  The whole experience put me right off trying again.

It's annoying. O2 UK are just sticking their fingers in their ears and ignoring the issue and HMD Global are ignoring it too with no sign of anyone actually addressing the issue. With the promise of the TA-1033 being stock Android with regular security updates being the biggest selling point to me, it's become a bit of a joke thanks probably to O2. It needs fixing. We shouldn't be in a position where we have to reset our phones every month or resort to using other sources.
Guys today or tommorow I will try to hard reset my Nokia TA 1033 from boot manager and in that way my phone will be again like i first bought it, with no updates at all. Then I will se if I will get October update. Yesterday i was reading trough xda forum and saw that some people from North America and Mexico did get October update on TA 1033....
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