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No September Update available

i have a nokia 6 ta-1021. until now, there ist no september update available. also, i wasn't able to find an offical nokia or hmd global server to download and install the update manually. only some non official sites offer the september update to download. without at least any offical md5 hash, these update files can contain nearly everything.

how can i get the september security patch for my phone?

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Updating with another SIM card worked again. This time I swapped out my Kogan SIM for a Telstra SIM and it upgraded to Oct/7.1.2. I know people on BOOST who don't have this problem. Next month I'll try a Vodafone SIM and see if that works. This is in Australia BTW.

Nokia support are still blaming my mobile network provider and refusing to provide any technical information. The information they do provide is inconsistent and sounds like they're making stuff up to try and get me off the phone. Kogan support are telling me that it's a Nokia issue.

The HMD Global is doing its best, that our next mobile phone is not a Nokia ! 

Finally received ota update with oct security patch..i am using nokia 6 ta 1021 india version.i have tried all solution described in this forum but no luck with update.. and finally received without any effort.
Well guys I also tried to reset / wipe data trough boot mode on my Nokia 6 but i am still on September update and still nothing about October update....
Just received the 7.1.2 and October security update here in the UK. On Giffgaff who use the O2 network. 

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 I got it today as well.  TA-1033 on O2 UK.  I also got an update to the carrier services app. Could be linked?

Just glad it arrived eventually.  Faith in HMD (slightly) restored.

I don't understand why the carrier matters. I bought this phone outright. The carrier should be irrelevant.
Nokia released 7.1.2 update,,,
Hey splash I got all the updates on my Nokia 6 T-1021
Nokia seems to have fixed this issue (for me at least) as I received the November update without having to swap SIM cards. I have not heard back from their support our my mobile network provider so I don't know who fixed the problem. My carrier name has not changed so it wasn't that. Based on what I've read on these forums I suspect that my mobile network provider was finally added to the database on Nokia's OTA server.

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Hey Simon, posting this here incase you come back to check, can't figure out if there's a way to pm you or anything on here, just signed up. I'm in Australia too on Vodafone. Bought the Mrs n I one of these each last week. She got all updates out of the box, I didn't. Same exact model, bought from JB. Luckily they csne with a free Telstra sim each. Just inserted the Telstra sim and am now getting updates. I'm going to do them all on Telstra sim then wait to see if the new year ones come through on vodafone sim or not. One thing I noticed with the Telstra sim is I was getting Google service updates THEN the OTA would follow. On Vodafone sim the Google updates never came through. For all those internationals with the same problem, I think this might be the 'Google updates first' track that Nokia keeps preaching like bible verse. Hope this helps ✌

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I've Nokia-6 Model TA-1025 [in Pakistan] and I'm stuck with Security Patch Level” dated 1st August 2017 and Android Version 7.1.1, Build # 00S0_3_32C_SP01.

It seems like I'm stuck with this Version & Security Patch Level of 1st August 2017. Have tried to remove SIM Card and stuff like that but nothing seems to work. Customer Support of HMD Global is also silent on the issue and not responding to any email query. Anyone with some workable solution here?

Answer the question: Reset the factory settings.

I Did got an email from Nokia who suggested me to follow a procedure, which eventually didn't worked either. I'd even tried the "Factory Reset" option as well, bu the problem still persists. It looks like I'm stuck with it for now.

Hmd was promised up to date ,but not particular time, why
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