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Return of Nokia Beta Labs?

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hi hmd,

you've already quite an enthusiastic group of people here on the forums. in the past the nokia beta labs were a great way for nokia to try out new things before letting them out into the wild and many, many great apps and services were developed in the nokia beta labs and then successful.

if you're unsure about the potential of any of your ideas then why not restart the nokia beta labs and give your ideas for us to try out first?

cheers :) 

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I've been very active in Nokia Beta Labs, but with Android on board seems to me this doesn't have so much because apps are quite for a "generic" in Android universe.. should works like Nokia Beta Labs if Nokia itself would try new ideas and apps or something really special but don't seems to me HMD is on that point.. Wait and see ..

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You might be right, it may not be necessary, but I hope HMD's looking than what's necessary and thinking about making unique software for Nokia phones (even if it's not installed by default).

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 Yay! Looks like this idea has been implemented?

Well, kind of, I meant you to use it for Nokia exclusive apps but Android 8.0 testing is a good start.

Cheers :)

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The first implemented idea :) So great :D

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Tech Wizard

Yup first implemented idea. Could be last too.

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I'm sure we'll see others. I expect that many ideas have been implemented but not marked as such. New models will include some of the suggestions from the community - perhaps the rumoured new Nokia 6 (2018 model), Nokia 7 plus, Nokia 9 and Nokia 10.

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