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Flashlight become yellow shade

hello, I am using nokia 6 since last few months. few days earlier I got a notification to update security patch for TA 1021 and I updated. but the problem is after update my flashlight become yellow shadow at night :( can anyone inform me how can I solve this problem, I can attah today image but there is no option to attach images. pls help me out

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Hey even I got the same problem but I have resolved it by running the hardware test by using these code *#*#372733#*#* on dial pad. Not only u will find the flash light test but also u can test all other hardware test as well to make sure each and every hardware is working fine or not... I hope this information helps you

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My Nokia 6 flash light is yellowish..... How can I change it.....

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Tech Wizard

The flash in Nokia 6 is dual-tone and yellow'ish, this cannot be changed.

The annoying amber/yellow tint in pictures and videos is resolved with the Android 7.1.2 and/or the October 2017 updates on my phone.

You can check that both flash LED's work if you put ~10 sheets of white paper over the camera and turn on the flashlight.

One LED is bright white and the other orange if all is well mechanically.


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