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Great Update!

I have to say, I find this new layout a great improvement over the old one. While I like the style of the previous layout it didn't feel as alive and was less interesting than this current one. Great job!

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Thanks Michael, we're really happy to hear it!

- Anna (Moderator)

Now yes this place starting to be very useful and easy to follow!! Thanks for the great job you're doing in here


Hi gordon_pcb_designer, 

We're really pleased you think so! Thank you for the great job you're doing contributing to our discussions. 

Have a great day!
Anna (Moderator)

Great start with the new layout, but i have to say that if someone wants to reply to a thread why do they have to scroll all the way back up the page to click on Reply? the box should be there loaded at the bottom.

Also rather than saying "do you like this?" it should just be a logo of a thumbs-up or just say Like. just makes things a bit more universally in-line with people's knowledge of various social media platforms these days.

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