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Automatically restarting

Hi, I am huge fan of Nokia but it is disappointing me.... I purchased Nokia6 recently (sep20). Now from yesterday onwords it is automatically restarting some time. what to do...plz help me..

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Same issue with my Nokia 6 too... Completely disappointing... Random restart. And even it doesn't get completely rebooted until you enter your pin/password, so ideally it is switched off. previously I thought that it might be due to second SIM, tried swapping SIMs too. But didn't help.

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I also had the same case twice since August. Once the morning alarm hasnt activated because my phone was restarted in the night.
I have exactly the same issue the reboot 5 Times by days need fix it ASaP


Hi all,

Sorry to hear about this. If you haven't already, I would warmly encourage you to get your phone looked at at a care center near you. You can use our care center locator, or if you're in Europe, you can simply take it to the retailer or shop you bought your phone from. 

I really hope you get the issue sorted soon and you get to enjoy your phone without any trouble. 

Have a wonderful day! 

Anna (Moderator)

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