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Nokia 8 camera app - I miss the old one badly..


I was wondering if it is possible to have Nokias original Camera app installed on my Nokia 8? I'm not that fond of the stock app, and I think the one that Nokia made for the Lumia series was better, faster and more intuitive - especially when changing ISO, WB etc. Will it come to Android-universe?

Furthermore one thing about the stock camera app makes abosolutely NO sense! When holding the phone in landscape mode I cannot take a picture in max. resolution (13 megapixels)16:9 mode - only 4:3 mode (13 megapixels).

Why on Earth would you choose to do THAT and not use the obvious 16:9 as standard?? How do I take a picture in 16:9 mode with 13 Mbits? And no - I will not settle for 8 megapixels, which is possible, but not good enough.

Apart from that I'm quite happy with my snappy and elegant new phone ;-) 


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I completely agree that a better camera app is needed. The one we have now is really clumsy and slow to use. The manual mode in it is pretty much garbage especially when compared to the Lumia Camera. The lower resolution of the 16:9 pictures is because of the shape of the sensor. When taking "wider" pictures the actual image from the sensor is basically letterboxed. A 4:3 photo uses the whole sensor and thus has a larger resolution.

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+1 So I have company
You have loads of company.
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