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Nokia must recreate/revamp camera app

After some testing with different mods i have see that camera on Nokia 6 has extensive capabilities which Nokia is underestimating and therefore not providing much modes for it. For example: > Camera has ability to shoot slow motion. > Camera can take HDR+ photos without any hiccups. > No time laps option is there, which can be used by using appropriate third party application. > Camera has ability to take RAW image (like by using Light room app or Photoshop express apps) but no native option in default camera app > And software video stabilization can be implemented. Thereby i would request HMD Globa Nokial to please revamp the Native camera application and give users the ability to take even more great photos and videos with native camera app, as this camera actually has potential to compete many other phones out there in the market.

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I agree with you about the camera app, because really I don't like the nokia camera app it is very poor I have downloaded the MX Camera but Nokia doesn't support it and this makes me wonder and too much disappointed. MX Camera have a big plethora of choices, Why Nokia do not let me to use It?

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