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A big thank you to Nokia


I have to give a big thank you to Nokia for giving us a 3G version of the Nokia 3310 (2017). I have bought a Nokia 3310 (2017) 2G and after 1 month my countries network carriers shut down their 2G networks :-S. Although I do use a Nokia 3 (2017) as my daily device I was very fond of the new Nokia 3310 (2017), you could say it has some sentimental value lol.

So, thank you Nokia, and I can't wait to get my hands on the new Nokia 3310 3G (2017) as soon as it lands in the stores.

With warmest regards,



Hi invodious! We're so happy to hear you're excited about it - so are we! :)

Have a wonderful day,

Anna (Moderator) 

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 Please tell me when the 3g version will be available in Canada....specifically at Rogers in Toronto??

Thank You,

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