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A new Nokia Flip Phone

I know that smartphones are all the new rage, but they getting bigger and bigger, feature phones, well the name already says it, are basic devices, yet powerful enough for most users. But what about a combination of the two? A new Nokia Flip Phone, compact enough to have the characteristics of a feature phone, yet powerful enough to be a smartphone, and running on Android is a must. These devices do exist and created by other well known brands. Will it be a hype? Perhaps. That however depends on the price and for now, the other well known brands charge a large amount for devices like these, yet people buy them anyway. So, who knows, perhaps a nice idea?

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I think you're referring to Samsung Folder 2 when talking about other manufacturers. Surely that would be a great idea and would help people to get talking about the 'nostalgic' Nokia too. But I'd rather prefer 'Smart Feature OS' based on Kai OS as on 8110 4G rather than hardware hungry Android on feature phone hardware. I feel Kai OS has lot of potential if properly developed and supported by companies like WhatsApp and Jio in India. Plus I'd love to sport a flip phone as a backup phone in 2018.

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It would definitely be nice to see some variety in form factors again for smart phones, almost everything is now a slate.

KaiOS is interesting but it's based on an old version of FirefoxOS, the version of Gecko is uses is still v48 so I'm very interested to know how they keep it secure - maybe they have some Mozilla developers working for them? Who knows.

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