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Phone restarting itself

My new Nokia 8 is restarting itself around 2 times a day. I cannot pinpoint a reason for this. Sometimes it happens in the middle of the night. It has occured when hanging the phone up or simply opening an app. I just get a restart and the phone carries on working as normal until the next restart. Has anyone else experienced this issue or do I have a faulty unit?

Best Answer
I think it's a faulty product.


I think it's a faulty product.
Is there any way of verifying this? It seems very random and it could be something in the firmware or my configuration that is causing it. Is there any way of looking for error logs in Android?
I have had my phone 2 days now and, generally, I am very happy with it however, although I haven't actually seen my phone restart, 3 times now I have picked my phone up and found that I have to enter my pin code to unlock the phone implying that it has restarted itself whilst inactive. I assume (and hope) that this is a rectifiable software issue.
Having exactly the same issues as you guys. Phone randomly reboots and then continues to carry on like nothing happened, until the next reboot. Contacted support and was advised to try a factory reset. In some small way I'm glad to see I'm not alone with this issue. Looks like this product may have been rushed to market with buggy firmware. Let's hope Oreo will be properly tested before being pushed.
My setup includes an SD card and a DN tempered glass screen protector, I wonder if any of these items are causing an issue?
You can always check the uptime if you are unsure if it actually rebooted or not. In about phone and status.
Tried a factory reset this morning as well formatting my SD card natively in the phone. So far not a single reboot. Maybe just the placebo effect but the phone seems a lot more responsive. Will continue to monitor.
I've noticed uptime sometimes doesn't reset after a reset which is strange. Keep us posted mcdona922. I'm reluctant to format and reset as my phone is configured just how I like it.
Just a small update to say that since doing the factory reset and formatting my SD card in the phone, I haven't had a single reboot or application hang. The only small issue I've had is with smart lock showing a blank screen. This has been discussed over on XDA. The working solution is to go into Settings->Security->Trust Agents and disable smart lock. Reboot the phone and re-enable smart lock and everything works as it should. Hopefully this intermittent bug will be patched soon.

mcdona922, I am thinking of doing the same but is there a way to backup your different page/screens and apps?

Apps etc can all be restored via Google play. Just choose the restore option when setting back up, as opposed to 'set up as a new device". Google Play should allow you to do this as long as you currently have backup and sync enabled. As for Screen layout etc, that's something I'm not sure about. As far I'm aware there isn't any way of restoring your screens, but I may be wrong? For me it was a small price to pay for having phone that actually works.

I'm having the same problem. Almost every morning, before l leaving to work, I plug in my headphones and the phone immediately freezes. Pressing power button will only turn on/off the screen but can't unlock, everything isn't responsive. A few seconds later, the phone restarts. Sometimes, it restarts when opening an App. At first, I though it was related to the Glance feature, but turning this off resulted in the same effects.

Contacted support, but unfortunately, haven't had a reply, which isn't a good indicator. Trying the factory reset and see if it helps.

user1506944829758 all support said was to do a factory reset. I don't want to, but it seems like the only option :(

I've done my reset to manufacturers settings. I'll see how it goes and let you all know. I restored my backup from Google drive and it restored all my apps, widgets and pages perfectly.
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