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Having problem finding wifi 5g for ac router Dlink 868L. Not sure why

Having problem finding wifi 5g for router Dlink 868L. Not sure why is this a bug but I can connect to my Asus 5g. Weird anyone facing such problem? Btw my dlink is an AC router and Asus is a wireless n 5g.

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I have same problem with EE router.

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I have the same issues no matter what WiFi I connect too! And the constant drop outs are getting annoying

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for constant try checking your wifi signal with those analyser app. to determine the strength. mine dont have drop out issue. but the whole 5g band is missing specifically from the Dlink 868L

i figured out already. For those using Dlink 868L router with 5g band missing. Connect to your router page.

Enter configuration of 5ghz to the followings

5GHz Band 802.11 Mode

Mixed 802.11 ac/ 802.11n and 802.11a

Channel Width (very important)

Auto 20/40/80 mhz

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 Dlink 868L. channel  3,  mhz 50  and standar  802 n band    setup this settings. 

For the solution related to this problem, simply click the baba support where the router related queries are easily solved in the router section. The technical expert number is also mentioned. I have visited the website and found it useful. 

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