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Battery backup & heating issue

My phone is heating a lot & also getting only 4 hours of usage with single charge, please improve backup issue, we bought the handset because of a trust on you because your competitiors are giving much better configuration than Nokia, please maintain this trust

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Nokia5 is heating problem. We believe in Nokia but....

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There's been some discussion about this on the forum and there's an FAQ about this. 

Basically, some warmth during charging and extensive use is normal. However if the heat is significant (makes it unpleasant to touch) and persists even after you've closed apps and taken it off charge, it might be worth taking it to a care center. 

Hope this helps,

Anna (Moderator) 

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I have this problem too but i inistall a program that name is cooler master..this app com phone cooler but it's need a little time...

Sometimes mine heats up a lot, when wifi is transfering data, for example... sometimes i don't know why... NOKIA 5 is a BRICK of a phone. It's HMD biggest FLOP. i should have bought a XIAOMI! :\\\\\

Why Nokia 5 mobile is very bad battery???? Please solve
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