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Nokia Suite

I was thinking that would be great if we could have back a tool as much as possible similar to my beloved Nokia Suite. It was really useful because gave total access to the phone, was very good especially to update/create contacts. Well would be great if someone in HMD Nokia is thinking to something about this

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I get it, but with today's climate where it's apps apps apps, i doubt this would ever happen again. Most run it thru their ecosystem that they are tied to such as Apple or in Google or in Microsoft - email, contacts, files etc. I suppose only pro users would have this.

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I agree, a Nokia Suite desktop app which can be used for moving photos, videos, music etc would be great. It must also include the ability to re-flash the phone if it's bricked.

Re contacts, emails, etc; I agree that nowadays this is mainly done in the cloud, so a desktop app would have to add something new AND be smart to avoid contact duplication etc.

In general though I'm in favour of a new Nokia Suite.

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Yeah i loved that suite hehe!! Wish they made it for smart phones! 

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My Windows 10 Fall Creators Update has the ability to sync a few notifications, URLs and calendar reminders, via Cortana from my Android device BUT all this comes at the cost of 4G data tarrifs.

I miss the days when simply plugging in and chugging on with a USB avoided all that costs...I can still do that with my Nokia N8, and until recently when I upgraded to Fall Creators Update it would even allow me to sync Apps and texts  unto the phone.

The freedom that comes with USB, is immense, not everyone can afford 4G or 5G bandwidth premiums to download a 2 GB video of your baby at the Zoo at 150 MBPS, well with the Nokia N8 and PC Suite and USB I still can....

It would be awesome if HMD is to rejig Nokia Suite out of hibernation BOTH for old devices as well as newer ANdoid phones with Multiple Phone OS support as well Linux, Ubuntu, Windows 10 and XP onwards drivers via a software suite.

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Have you tried the MS Phone Companion app?

I agree that Nokia needs to make something the Xperia companion app if it wants to be considered a serious contender in the smartphone market.

Yes tried and tested the MS Phone Companion and it works well with my Windows 10 and Windows 8.1 phones, some ANdroid devices, ios phones BUT fails miserably on two counts namely unlike the Nokia Suite on my WIndows PC, it does not sync text messages to my PCand cannot upgrade phone software and most importantly it cannot even see Symbian phones...I have to rely on USB connection File Explorer to see my files.

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Good point, the lack of SMS/MMS backup is a big issue for me too. At the moment I'm swapping one of my SIMs between multiple phones with different OS and what I'd really like is a central SMS storage I can always link to to keep my messages synced between phones. I think that's a bit of a pipe dream though, something I'll have to work out how to implement myself.

Do Symbian phones support PTP and MTP? If not maybe that's why the MS app doesn't see them.

Software backup and restore/upgrade would be great.

Overall, yes, I've been missing a tool like Nokia Suite for years, both on WP and Android.

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Do Symbian phones support PTP and MTP?

The Symbian Phone that I own supports MTP very well, allowing media such as music and pix to sync with even  Windows Media Player 11, 12 or earlier, but am not aware of PTP support on the phone (If you mean Precision Timing Protocol, dunno why that would be needed though....if you mean Picture Transfer Protocol, you bet all Symbians do apart from the early generation Keypad Nokias with no USB interfaces.)

Now there are plenty of iOS, Windows and Android Apps that allow syncing texts, MMS using the "cloud" but the beauty of Nokia Suite is that it can sync texts and mmses using Bluetooth, USB (maybe Wi Fi in the future like thus creating a piconet  and being very cost effective at that (No 4g 5G premium bandwidths) 

And if anyone's noticed the prices of texting and MMsing have not gone down, staying fairly constant ,so wy would anyone want to add data access costs to SMS/ MMS plus in the event of no network coverage in remote regions, a program like Nokia Suite comes in handy allowing one to sync phone content, even reinstall and upgrade firmware in case of Phone crashing.

I just hope the new Nokia Suite would support Linux when and if it comes around, in addition to Windows ecosystem.

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You're right, I just opened up the USB connections setup on my N8 and I can choose media transfer, which I assume is MTP (haven't checked the spec). Yes, for PTP I mean pictures not time ;)

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