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Emulators for old Nokia OSes on Android

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Hi team HMD,

Lots of Nokia fans still want to be able to use their old phones running Symbian, Maemo/MeeGo, even Asha and X. They'd love a new phone with these OSes.

I know this isn't going to happen!

However, since the latest ARM cores support hardware-level virtualisation, and the SoCs available now are significantly more powerful than the CPUs used for phones with proprietary OSes, why not produce some emulators for older OS versions?

I can't think of many apps for those old platforms that don't have a better alternative on Android nowadays, but some people always want to run their old apps.

I'm not even sure this would be that difficult - there's already a QEMU version of Symbian^3; an emulable version of Harmattan can't be too difficult to make considering it's already running on Linux; Asha is basically just Java; and X is already running on AOSP!

I know, I'm simplying things.

You could include these apps as exclusive for Nokia phones, or people who want to use them on other phones have to pay.

What do you think?

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