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Photo and video issues

I've had Nokia 8 for about 3 weeks now. The build quality is excellent, just what I was hoping for. But there some issues that clearly need improving. I'll mention 2 to start with: 1) deleting photos takes too long. And meanwhile deleting is ongoing, user sees the photo and has no clue what's happening. The deletion takes about 5 seconds per photo. That's too much for a flagship device! 2) Shooting video clips in sequence doesn't work. I shot about 1 minute clip in HD (not even 4k) and stopped for about 20 seconds. Then I tried to start shooting for the next one but the camera app froze. This shouldn't happen on a Nokia device. Ever. Please bring back the Lumia style camera app asap and make the app work lightning fast. I know the hardware is up to it!

Well said... Nokia really disappointed with camera... We want old lumina camera app

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I noticed what the reason behind these issues was. I was using an SD card to store the photos and video. After switching to use the Nokia 8 built-in flash, the issues vanished.
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