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Nokia 2

Wonder what this will be like specs, I was interested in 3 but I'll hang out for 2, I heard 4000 battery, and 4.7- or 5.0 screen! ... and $100 sounds pretty good to me. 

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Hi there, The device's build quality is good and i have bought 2 pieces from it but do not expect a hilarious performance, I have disabled unnecessary applications to get rid of some lagging between a time to another, I have bought Nokia 3, 5, and 6 and all of them are working great and the android security patches are up to date on them except the Nokia 2, It's still on September security patch and i really hope that Nokia  starts to push some user interface enhancements update to Nokia 2 and to fix some bugs on it, Android 7.1.1 out of the box, Nokia, Please pay attention to details, I love the brand and i will continue buying from you but please fix the main issues on Nokia 2, I am not satisfied from the performance, even if it has snapdragon 212 chipset and it's a backup smart phone for me, The software needs to be updated.

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