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So much for the touted Nokia Support

Bought a Nokia 3 on 5 September to assess these new phones. Now YouTube keeps on stopping, addition of Clock alarm stops Clock, Editing a Calendar entry stops the Calendar, Photos stops on attempting to share a pic. And on contacting Nokia's support I'm told I should go to Google. Well, I'd like to tell Nokia that I actually bought a Nokia phone and not a Google phone so, in my opinion, support from Nokia seems reasonable. Phone will soon be going back to the retailer with a tale of woe !


Hi user1506813213504,

Sorry to hear this was your experience. We've forwarded your feedback to our customer support and they might be in touch with you via email.

Have a lovely day,

Anna (Moderator) 

Hi,probably the wrong place to start,but when is Nokia going to get a Nokia app for windows 10 so I can backup my system etc like the original one that doesnt work with the new phones.I have the latest Nokia 6.1 with Oreo

Hi with the Nokia 3, you back up the apps and photos etc through settings, system and then back up, this backs it up to Google. Slightly different to how the older Lumia's work, but is useful if you ever have to reset the phone and then reinstall apps and photos etc.

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