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Time Differetiate Error

my nokia 3 is showing 3 different times at the same time and it happens  many time even after the latest update of android this error isn't resolved yet. i just made a video to show the error properly you can check here 

i request nokia to watch and resolve this error as soon as possible. i trust on you.

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Same is the problem with my nokia 3. I am very disappointed to see this problem In The phone, I was waiting for a long period of time.

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I have the same issue on my own Nokia 3, and my sister is also experiencing this probles on her Nokia 3. 

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Make Update Clock from Play Store.

Problem is still there after update .Plz Nokia do something otherwise I am going to throw this phone to the garbage shop.
Mee too. Clock stop working every Time when i am using The phone. Like reading news or Facebook etc...
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