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No Gallery , Music player and Videoplayer

Yesterday I bought Nokia 6 though Ebay After some setup i notice there is no default option for gallery , music and videoplayer  

when i surfed through the internet i found some users got the application in there phone how to access and put in on

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I too have this same problem. If you got the solution for this problem then can you tell me about it.

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 Playmarket to help you... Nokia does not own the programs download playmarket.

Downloading a application from the play store is for additional application. Gallery, music and video player as basic amenities and applications for a smart phone. This is a very big flaw in the development. They should release a update for the same.

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Hi, I agreed with you all, Nokia 6 Android should have good audio player built in, I used older duoes during past years with older android, it has very good audio player built in, I don't like the quality of google play audio player, and play store apps also given me unsatisfied audio quality, Can anyone tell me good HiFi audio player in play store.
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