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Nokia 6 updates? What we know so far is here

Let me list what we know so far about updates and future plans of HMD Global for its Nokia 6: 1. Android O: Recently after a launch event in Indonesia, some YouTuber from Indonesia interviewed the executive "Mark Trundie" mentioned all of the existing Nokia Android phones (3,5,6 & 8) will get Android O before the End of 2017, to be specific in his words "before Christmas" Reference: Android Authority and Indonesian YouTuber Channel 2. Bootloader Unlock: in a recent twitter conversation between NokiaPowerUser and Mikko Jaakkola, CTO of HMD , Mikko mentioned that HMD Global is willing to unlock bootloader if its devices, one at a time, and as Nokia 6 is the only cell which is currently available officially in USA it seems it will be the first followed by others. Reference: NokiaPowerUser 3. Android P: At a launch event in Philippines, the executive of HMD in a press Q&A event clearly stated that all of Nokia Android phones, even the Nokia 3 will get Android P next year as HMD Global aims to provide customers a device long lasting, Up-to-date and Secure providing 2 years of OS and Security patches Updates always in time. Reference: And at 41:06 in this video: I will keep trying to keep you up-to-date with future news Thank you :)
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