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NOKIA "Connecting People" Boot Animation

NOKIA or HMD should bring back the NOKIA Hands or "Connecting People" Boot Animation Logo instead of using the NOKIA Logo with Plain Black Background. And for the NOKIA 3,5,6 and 8 and upcoming NOKIA Phones. The "Powered with Android" Boot Logo during Starting up the Phone. It is not necessary to have that Boot Logo and NOKIA should remove it.

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 I think the Powered With Android logo is mandatory now for any Android phone.

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I think Jeffian FM is right.This is because Nokia's marketing strategy is using nostalgia.Cuz of that I feel it right to using Nokia hands and slogan Connecting People.

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if not the hands 

i specifically liked the nokia n9 animation too it was quite nice 

or then1 startup animation they're both a bit modern but have that touch of humanity !

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 Wow the N1 one is flashy! Neat though, cooler than the new one.

 I should also be allowed to turn off the uneccersarily loud start up tune too.

Please bring back Connecting people animation. It will help gather a lot of customers since now HMD is riding on Nostalgia wave.

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now that hmd is part of android one program I have had the chance to see the nokia 7 plus boot sequence and they finally added the white background with nokia logo in the traditional blue color as nokias from the past...which is excellent...what is still missing is the hands reaching to one another with the traditional short sound...maybe it could be not that hard to implement it too....come on HMD, more blue and more hands..sometimes your products seem as if they were from a very different nokia...not the one we many loved.... take in mind that as android one is also incorporated in 2016-2017 phones from HMD the animation logo with hands and nokia logo in blue could be implemented....please HMD listen...listen these ideas!

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This would be a nice software update to have :)

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