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Missing FM Radio

Hi, Nokia 3, 5, 6 has FM Radio . Then why is it excluded from Nokia 8. I know the Snapdragon chipset used by Nokia 8 supports that. Then why is it not exposed. It's a very essential thing. Which is very useful in case of emergencies and time when data, mobile, cellular network cease to work. Please bring FM radio in Nokia 8. Thank you, Abhinav.

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4 days and yet no reply....

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I fully agree. NOKIA 8 has Snapdragon 835 which supports FM Radio. The devices in market with S835 DO have FM radio (Galaxy S8/S8+, LG V30 etc).

Why NOKIA has removed this from NOKIA 8? In US the vendors are pushed to enable FM radio because it is the only way of information during emergency cases (disasters, hurricanes, earthquakes etc). And this has succeeded. 

Why have you removed this from 8? Please at least inform us if it would be possible to be enabled in the future with a SW update OR you have permanently disabled (HW case) the function.

We are NOKIA fans for many years and we are supporting your comeback. But you also have to support us....

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Thank you user1507566776079

i hope we get some reply soon...

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I am not sure if HMD listens to customers but I do know that they have not still delivered 100% true old Nokia philosophy and spirit. 

There is a logic, which I hope it will not be true, which says that if price>300 euro then NO FM RADIO. I hope that they change their minds....

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 I agree with both of you. I miss the FM radio in the Nokia 8. If the answer is that an >300€ can not have a FM Radio that is a big mistake because it was one of my key point to buy a Nokia.

Sure HMD will be find a solution soon.

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Community Hero

Wow! This is a surprise to me.

No FM radio? Next you'll tell me there's no glance screen...

;) I know, there's no glance screen. But I'm very very surprised there's no FM radio.

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Actually Nokia 8 has glance screen support, but unfortunately no FM radio....

@HMD: make sure you include FM radio in your next flagship device.

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You're right. While Nokia 3, Nokia 5 and Nokia 6 have FM Radio pre-installed, it has been left out of the Nokia 8 to preserve the purest Android experience. However, with a high-end device it is easy to download a radio app from the Play Store should you wish to do so. 

Your feedback is very valuable to us and we'll be sure to pass it on. 

Have a great weekend!

Anna (Moderator) 

Hello Anna. At last an HMD representative has provided an answer. 

Internet radio is not the same thing like FM Radio cause:

1. Requires big data plans to listen to radio stations

2. It kills the battery 4-5 times faster than FM radio.

So please do not propose the Internet Radio, via an app, as a solution. 

HMD has done a mistake here, removing the FM radio. This is clear and you should correct with a SW update since the capability is there in the chipset.

We are old Nokia customers and we are supporting this come back. But you need to be a real-old-new Nokia. 

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Community Hero

Yes Internet Radio is not really comparable to FM radio, e.g. when travelling on a train often the stream gets fragmented passing between cells. There is more choice on Internet Radio, but FM radio is a better service.

A software update may not be enough because FM radio in phones uses the headphones cable as an antenna. However, in the case of the Nokia 8 I hope it's possible to fix with a software update.

I'd like to see future Nokia phones include DAB (preferably DAB+ support), since this provides the audio quality of Internet Radio with almost the same service level as FM radio. I'm sure that DAB radio support can work alongside FM radio support, so both should be provided.

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Hello Anna, As you've heard others, I'm of the same opinion. An Internet radio/streaming radio app cannot suffic for an actual Radio. Especially in situations of natural calamities or disaster, where data or cellular network fails. It's very basic, but important necessity that MUST be there in our phone. it's not a "Nice to Have" but a "Must have" in a phone. And I cannot simply understand how having an android with simple FM Radio app hampers or degrade PURE ANDROID EXPERIENCE?!?! Can you please get back to us as when will a software/firmware upgrade introduce FM. PS: 3 of my friends upon knowing that my Nokia 8 doesn't have FM app got cold feet and now having double thoughts about buying it.

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Rightly said. There is not even a single reason to limit access to FM Radio. Dear HMD please enable it.

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Hello Anna,

You wrote:

You're right. While Nokia 3, Nokia 5 and Nokia 6 have FM Radio pre-installed, it has been left out of the Nokia 8 to preserve the purest Android experience.

Answer: How FM radio ruins the purest Android experience? This is just an excuse, not a fact. LG V30 has FM radio and they are not ruining the pure Android experience! Galaxy S8 has FM radio on US (where model with Snapdragon 835 is sold). Again I do not read anywhere that Android experience is ruined.

Anna: However, with a high-end device it is easy to download a radio app from the Play Store should you wish to do so.

Answer: Radio App (data dependent) is something you can do in any device, not Nokia 8 only. But as already explained the advantages of local FM Radio functionality are not even comparable to data-dependent radio application.

And another thing, maybe the MOST important for HMD to consider. In USA the FCC (Federal Communications Commission - this a government body) and NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) are heavily pushing Apple to enable FM radio on their current devices and include it in any future ones. Reasons for pushing towards this are many with the most important being the fact that in emergency cases FM radio is probably the only way to inform citizens and SAVE LIVES. FCC and NAB actions have made all the other Android makers in US to enable FM radio (yes they did, just check Next's Radio page with compatible devices - list is huge:

I do not want even to imagine the case where new or existing iPhones get FM radio and Nokia 8 or next phones to come have it disabled because someone decided that it will ruin the pure Android experience.....You really need to enable FM radio on Nokia 8 (and future devices also).

You will not loose sales because FM radio is there BUT because FM radio is NOT there!!

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Hello Anna,

Any update on this? When will we have OTA update with FM radio app in it?

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