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Missing FM Radio

Hi, Nokia 3, 5, 6 has FM Radio . Then why is it excluded from Nokia 8. I know the Snapdragon chipset used by Nokia 8 supports that. Then why is it not exposed. It's a very essential thing. Which is very useful in case of emergencies and time when data, mobile, cellular network cease to work. Please bring FM radio in Nokia 8. Thank you, Abhinav.

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@user1507566776079 When did I ever say that a flagship device isn't allowed to have an FM radio, stop putting words in my mouth. One reason to NOT include an FM radio is that the majority of countries have moved to DAB radio with FM as a fallback so there is no point including it in phones over a certain price point as it's unlikely to be sold in countries where FM radio is still used extensively anyway. A FFC is far more important than FM radio as it's used for far more than selfies, video communications such as Skype make use of it as does Live Streaming, would you honestly flip your phone over to take a selfie, use Skype or Live Stream so you can't see what you're doing!!!

What Samsung and Apple choose to do is up to them and no one else, not only that but FM radio is ONLY in the Galaxy S9/S9+ in the US and Canada so that should tell you something about how important an FM radio is in a flagship device.

@Terminusaquo The arguments you are using are not serious. The fact that DAB has started to be used in very few countries as the only technology of radio broadcasting is not a valid argument. If that was a valid case then no vendor would provide FM radio in many models. And moreover if that is teh case why FM is not in flagship devices, then UE vendors could add DAB receiver as LG has done in the past.

I believe that there is a specific push from operators not to have FM radio in order the users to use data for streaming FM stations. But if this is the case then the UE vendors should push back and not accept such a silly argument. In any case a specific segment of the Nokia customers are not happy and Nokia should do something about this.

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I think we all understand that there are markets and different devices target different markets. Maybe HMD decided that the target market for the Nokia 8 wouldn't care if FM radio (or DAB) is missing so they didn't include the hardware connection in the PCB (I think) to reduce their costs a little. This is understandable.

However, it doesn't mean that those of us who want FM radio need to be happy with that decision! Now, the Nokia 8 was never advertised as having FM radio so we can't complain but we are perfectly entitle to request it, and I don't think it's reasonable to other members of this community to tell us our request is silly - if this community degenerates into a place where we each tell each other how rubbish our suggestions a requests are then it's not a community I want to be part of.

I've given up on the Nokia 8 getting FM radio support, but I truly hope that the next flagship from HMD includes it, because for me a flagship is all about features and including as many as possible.

In an analogy to the car industry, the Mercedes S-class it often cited as the most cutting edge car in terms of gadgets. Most people who own one probably have a chauffeur and the owner is working on their laptop and calling colleagues and clients. Note that even this car still has FM radio.

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Agree with you @madbilly

Hi all,

please not make this personal.

All we request is a basic necessity of having an FM on such an amazing phone.

@Anna can we please have an update on this.

i have to buy a Bluetooth Headset with FM as of now 

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Samsung has now enabled FM radio on S9/S9+ in US for unlocked and locked (to carriers) devices.

Hear this HMD??????

Enable FM radio in 8 Scirocco and 7+

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 hi folks, i have just bought the Nokia 8 to eventually replace my Nokia lumia 950(great phone) in the 950 the FM radio was switched off but the hardware was in the handset just had to use interlop tools and make a registry change and the radio turned on, I know this is on the windows mobile OS but what if there is a method of doing the same within the android OS?

anyway shame on nokia for telling customers to go and get an app which costs/uses data, a basic fm radio tuner should be included in this handset, can nokia staff confirm if the hardware is in the handset?

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I am also facing the same issune in my nokia 7 plus. There also fm radio missing. Please nokia team release patch update for this or tell me how can i activate fm radio on my nokia 7 plus
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