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Missing FM Radio

Hi, Nokia 3, 5, 6 has FM Radio . Then why is it excluded from Nokia 8. I know the Snapdragon chipset used by Nokia 8 supports that. Then why is it not exposed. It's a very essential thing. Which is very useful in case of emergencies and time when data, mobile, cellular network cease to work. Please bring FM radio in Nokia 8. Thank you, Abhinav.

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@Ehab How do you know for sure that it IS connected internally?

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The fact that the FM radio is not enabled in some devices, does not mean that this is a decision of the manufacturer only.

Don't forget that when you produce something it has to meet the requirements of other participants in the market. 

People above stated that Samsung had to enable FM radio on their devices for the US market.. Well, Nokia 8 is not on sale in the US market. Many vendors, operators and markets have their own requirements and politics and a manufacturer will have to stand with them.

Haven't you ever considered the possibility that the operators may require the FM disabled on certain high-end phones (just an example)? 

And what about countries where you only have DAB? Shall customers whine there too?

Whenever I buy anything that is of importance to me, such as home, car, phone etc I get acquainted with its characteristics, features and capabilities. If I am Ok with them, then I acquire the goods. I am not in my right to buy a house without a garage and then require from the constructor to build one because others do have garages. 

There are countries where Dual SIM devices cannot be sold either imported. In other countries, Google services are non-existent on Android phones...

A market is not made solely by manufacturers and end users. There are authorities, operators, vendors etc. Everyone plays its part in a product's shape, features and price.

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Hi everyone, 

I know some of you are missing the FM Radio desperately. Right now, I don’t have information on the FM Radio. I’ll see if I could get some info on that and will update you all when I can. 

@Ritzar I love the comparison between buying a house and a phone :D. But I totally agree with your post. There are a lot of factors influencing the final product.

Best regards, 


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Thank you Laura,

Please get back to us with some info on this. Its there in lower models. 

Please introduce it in Nokia 8. It'll make it a complete phone.

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Personally having an FM radio in a phone isn't essential as even when I had a phone with it in I never used it so it was just sat there unused.

I hear and understand why people have no radio in the Nokia 8 and now the 7 plus but going forward this is not really a selling point due to the fact we can stream radio for free with a multitude of apps that does not require huge data. Radio is for cheap throwaway phones up to mid tier but there is no need for one on high end devices going forward. 

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To people saying that FM radio is not such a huge thing, I have one question: would you answer the same way if the device didn't have led flash by offering a better low light handling? Would you answer same way if your device had 1gb ram and the vendor said that this is enough as long as you use your phone only for calls? Do not consider your needs as the logical path. This is not the case. And using streaming apps for FM radio is not an option unless you have unlimited data plan. And even in that case the battery drains more quickly than with normal FM receiver. Also if you ever got into an emergency situation the FM radio can be the only way to hear back any news...So please do not try to sell the lack of FM radio as a pros!

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user1507566776079. You clearly don't understand markets. This is a flagship device intended for its market where are cheap devices have fm radio is for all markets including merging markets where Internet connectivity is an issue.

user1507566776079 That's a really poor comparison, name one current phone that lacks a flash? As for the 1GB RAM argument, ever hear of Android Go so yes 1GB is enough. For me and many others FM Radio is nothing more than a backup for DAB radio and how many times are you ACTUALLY in an emergency situation that means you need an FM Radio anyway? So, to use a phrase from your post, Do not consider your needs as the logical path. This is not the case.

Jim Ireland is correct, the Nokia 8 is a flagship devices in the markets it's intended for, if you need FM Radio there are cheaper devices that have that FM Radio for all markets including emerging ones where connectivity is poor.

Since when a flagship device is not allowed to have FM radio? This is a joke. Apple never brought FM radio on iPhones cause they wanted to sell songs through iTunes, although FM is not only about music but many other things. Then Samsung and some other vendors copied this logic without any reason behind. I just need a good reason on WHY NOT to have FM radio. Dont give reasons why having FM radio is optional. Cause I can also tell you, why you need selfie camera? Use the one in the back. There isn't any serious reason on WHY NOT to have FM radio in a flagship. The funny part will be to see apple bringing FM or dab in future iPhones. FYI there is a huge pressure towards apple to bring FM or dab from US government and other US organizations. And this is the reason why Galaxies S9/S9+ have FM radio in the US.

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Please add FM radio in Nokia 8, this is very much needed.

Given this is constantly running i am guessing it is just the actual player that is missing rather than the FM radio being disabled.


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