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nokia 6

Nokia 6 2017 1No file manager complete 2No antivirus Ram Rom Cashe Memory cleaner 3No Photo Video gallery app player, I want Nokia app not Google app gallery because it takes much time to open 4Missing lot of features in the camera app, Effects, Sharpness, Tools etc 5The phone is very expensive for the features that it offer 6No Night Mode screen for relaxing the eyes in the night 7I feel sad for my choice buying this phone.

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Nokia says pure Android means no bloatware if you don't read it ,it is your mistake...... You can go play store and install anything you want...

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Night screen is there. And it comes with stock android, so you get only google apps package. That means you have to download third party apps from appstore. You should have read the specifications before buying. Don't blame Nokia. The Device is good enough.

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