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928 verizon phone... Hard to hear during conversation. MOST ANNOYING...the second you answer or send a call, the screen goes black and won't come back on. Call is still happening. You can't hang up, use speaker...anything that is listed on that screen. Happens 100% of the time. Please help! I love my Nokia! Verizon needs to get them back. I have to get them on ebay now. I have 929 and 928 for husband. Great photos!
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Hi user1507212799372,

It's always nice to see love for Nokia! However, please be aware that this forum is operated by HMD Global and only covers Nokia branded phones manufactured by HMD. For a full list of phones covered on this forum check out the Nokia phones website.


For information and troubleshooting on previous Nokia phones (including Lumia models), you can visit B2X and search for your model, or contact Microsoft Support. 

Hope this helps, have a great weekend!
Anna (Moderator) 

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