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Sailfish OS on Nokia Devices

Make Sailfish OS run on Nokia Devices.

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I like this idea, but I'm realistic, it probably won't happen.

I'd really like to see Sailfish OS running the N9 Swipe UI, with a desktop mode when a large monitor, keyboard and mouse are connected.

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Currently Jolla has a Sailfish X implementation for the Sony Xperia devices.  Thus, it is not impossible. Jolla/Sailfish is not located too far away from HMD. :-)

And yes, I would also like to have the N9 - UI.

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No, not impossible, and I'm sure that the folk at both Jolla and HMD all know each other and swap lots of ideas in the pub after work ;) Some of them have probably even done a port of Sailfish to an HMD phone already, just to see what's possible. Maybe they've even given it to an HMD exec as a type of demo. Despite all these possibilities, I still think it's unlikely to happen, but it would be nice to see :)

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Aahhhh that would be really great! I love Sailfish and I'm still using a Jolla phone as personal phone.. it's an amazing OS

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 Sailfish would be just beautiful on Nokia devices. Even pure android is too complex with all the google demands and restrictions and too deep configurations (just like Symbian was). I'm using now an Intex Aquafish with Sailfish OS and it is just the best so far even hardware is not really today's level. I would be purchasing a Nokia phone with Sailfish for me and my family members immediately when they'll arrive to markets since there the best OS would meet a beautiful design with good hardware. Or then, please open a bootloader soon.. =)

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I hope that HMD would collaborate with Jolla to bring Sailfish Os on existing Nokia smartphones in the short period. This could have an enourmous media attention for the Nokia brand. Sailfish is a great finnish Os, result of billions of dollars invested by Nokia and Intel, and still now the most innovative platform, copied by Ios and androd.

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i think meego is out of the question and unlocked bootloader like hmd has promised allows the community to work on their sailfish ports though ! so we shall see 1

Nokia N9 was so much ahead of its time, both on chassis and UI/UX levels...To this day it amazes me how was possible to let such platform go, killing it for the sake of MS taking the business over. Dear guys at HMD, I understand that the market reality dictates putting Android yet, please, get us a pure Nokia phone, revive Lumia design cues, get rid of the metal body and bring a custom Sailfish with N9-styled icons. Be different. I am sure you can give us an option to boot Sailfish.

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I have used Sailfish Os in Xperia . Bro there are lot of flaws in it. Also Nokia should concentrate on Android only Sailfish is a joke. 

For those who don't know what Sailfish OS is i'll give a short explanation. It all started with a Nokia device. Sailfish os saw the day light on a N950 for testing. Then Jolla started selling Jolla 1 that was a good phone for that time. It is a very smooth and easy to use OS and i would certanly love to see it on Nokia phones (again). Sailfish OS in Xperia is now giving it's first steps and a lot of bugs have to be cleared but it is a great move to add Sony to their portfolio. Who knows Nokia will join them too one day... :)

HMD previously announced the official unlock of the bootloader for Nokia Smartphones. That will allow the community to port Sailfish OS, but a formal collaboration between the two finnish companies could attract more benefits: Minimun economic investiment from HMD (near zero) with maximum visibility in the tech world and more media attention to the Nokia brand, all with zero risks.
Additionally, this would add value to the existing Nokia Smartphone family for power users and Swipe UI lovers, and function as a test drive for possible native finnish  hardware + software combo.

Nokia were a Multi-Platform company at it's Golden age, just like Samsung now with Android, Windows for tablets and Tizen (which has a lot in common with Sailfish).

I personally think that Swipe UI and Fabula Design Language are the real Nokia Heritage, a signature of european mastery in both Software and Hardware.

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Kappa11, I fully agree with you. And I hope that HMDers just play it safe to get revenue numbers up so investors give them more operational freedom.

Looking at what they are doing I see a multi-phase approach. I think they are testing waters with their 3310, - it is safer to start revisiting Nokia-styled chassis, using dumb phone first, knowing that there are markets like India and Africa with low price points and many people with "feature phones" tech. Another parallel step is their improved audio and camera functions and codecs that they embed into their current blend smartphones with plain Android builds.

I have to say that their decision to ship plain Android OS rings a bell. Their SW development capacity is supposedly  thin, so code people have to concentrate on something, (apart from multimedia optimization) and they either can do a Nokia shell for Android themselves or potentially partner with their ex-colleagues @ Jolla to bring something unique.

Phase 3 for me would would be to get a new Fabula-inspired chassis, which is not a lot of risk. The markets aware of it, it had sold well, it gives much needed differentiation and Google's plastic coated new phone is proving that the market obsession with everything metal and glass is coming to an end. We see glass backs introduced and they say it is to let radio signal in...Then why not using polycarbonate again? )) And HMD should be in great position because they pretty much introduced polycarbonate in phones and should already have great supplier chain . And 3310 is an interesting combination of  aluminum/polycarbonate. If they build up the numbers, they get a better bill of material for their future smart phone.

But then it gets trickier if they consider having Swipe UI back. I don't know if they have an access to Nokia IP to use it though and then logically Jolla is their numero uno to cooperate with...

I think that given the iPhone 10 buttonless approach, Google would eventually release an updated Android, getting rid of the top controls too. If we talk Sailfish native app support or translation layer, the question is - would HMD (+Jolla) have the time-to-market & capacity to validate stability and bring ISV support for 15+ top applications to have them ready to release Nokia Sailfish before similar Android is out.

If Android is first to market with new swipe functions, then Jolla would be locked out with their BRIC-only strategy and this would definitely wipe Sailfish out of HMD's roadmaps. So, I would say, that they have a maximum of 16 months to announce it or go forward customizing Nokia's icons for the Android and perhaps concentrating on security layer like Blackberry does.

HMD can just release Gorilla full glass top for the new chassis and wait for the Android with Swipe functions to arrive, which is a safe but uninspiring strategy.

So business-wise they do the right things. But they do need at least a different chassis soon if they are serious about making Nokia brand great again.

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Very good analisys Alexay.

Well, i think it's not the right time to consider Time to Market opportunities for an HMD-Jolla collaboration, but exactly the same approach applied with the Nokia 3310:

"Do something different and see what happens."

HMD didn't really expect the success of their feature phone, due to the nostalgia for the brand and the return of an iconic device, in fact they admitted to having created it to "have fun". A success and consequent mediatic attention that has surpassed that of the three Android devices 3, 5 and 6.

Now Nokia need the same brave attitude to differentiate from other competirors (faster updates aren't sufficent, and for Android i hope they would revive and improve the Z Launcher).

In the particular case of Sailfish, a Semi-Official collaboration to port the system on (probably) Nokia 5, 6 and 8 would comport all these advantages:

       1- Additional mediatic attention on the Nokia brand and devices already on the market.

       2- Add value to Nokia Android phones (possibility of change the OS).

       3- Creation of a Community of developers for Nokia devices from zero.

       4- Low risk of the entire operation, due to very low initial investiment certainly repaid by fan's interest.

       5- Test an Operative system different from Android, to reduce Google's dipendence of their business in a future perspective. All without loose their great commitment on the Android platform.

       6- Nokia + Saifish = Pure Awesomeness.

Well, i think it's all. :)


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However, it appears that HMD have a special relationship with Google to allow them to get Android updates sooner than other brands. If HMD start "sleeping around" with other operating system then Google will probably cancel this special relationship before a Sailfish port to HMD phones is ready.

I would really like to see Sailfish on HMD Nokia phones, but realistically it can't happen until HMD is much more successful.

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