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Sailfish OS on Nokia Devices

Make Sailfish OS run on Nokia Devices.

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Kappa, I never used Z-launcher, but it does seem clean and functional. HMD has to play European and Nordic design identity theme to their benefit. The more the better. And if their PR is applying a rolling thunder method, announcing community-related initiatives, leveraging nostalgia, they could indeed mobilize some serious community support.

Slightly off the topic - I also hope they would look at uncommon things like modular design to reinforce their dumb phone line by introducing a new chassis like what these bankrupt guys tried to do -

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Unlock the bootloader so that Jolla can do the rest... I want Sailfish on the Nokia 5! :D

Hi. I am new here and on HMD Nokia. I got yesterday a Nokia 6 after 4 years on Jolla. I needed tout change phone because my old phone didn't charge any more. So, after almost 24H of using Android, I already miss Sailfish OS. So, I agree, it could be very great to see it on Nokia.

Agree!! Let the Jolla port Sailfish OS on Nokia devices!!

Sailfish OS doesnot have good user experience. Stay with "pure android" Nokia

Sailfish as a very good experience. Even better than pure Android on Nokia. Why do you think Apple is loosing home button?

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I think the support of SailfishOS is interesting for Nokia in many ways.
In the mobile phone value network of consumers, carriers/operators, handset makers, software platform and application & content providers, the combination of a strong handset brand such as Nokia and an independent, good SW platform such as SailfishOS would be a completely new combination, which would be of great benefit to all Value Network participants.
Consumers receive an optimal user and customer experience through the seamless integration of device and software. Nokia would have the opportunity to work together with SailfishOS to achieve such an integration and be able to react faster and more agile to market changes independently of Google. SailfishOS would also be attractive for other device manufacturers with a strong brand like Nokia on the side. Carriers would have the opportunity to sell their own services more effectively, without "unfair" competition from the platform providers (Google, Microsoft, Apple) or the device manufacturer (Apple). This combination is also interesting for application & content providers such as banks, which are now threatened by Apple Pay, Google Pay etc. in their national markets.
This "alliance" would certainly have a strong presence in the respective national markets.
The architecture of Sailfish OS also allows a better integration of third-party systems.

Does Sailfish run WhatsApp?

Sailfish runs all apk's. It also runs goole play with google services. It is an amazing OS and i would love to see it on Nokia devices. It reminds me of Meego :)


@Paul: Yes, Sailfish can run WhatsApp.

All the messenger apps as native or as APK I tested on this OS worked well.

And for sure, Sailfish OS is superior to Android in many points.

The system itself take less place on the device.

We have root access by default.

We can easily fix problems.

Much more secure.

Easy to do own them.

Much more fluid in use.

And I forgot many of many of the advantages SFOS.

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Gr8 idea. Android is becoming boring day by day. All same looks and the way of operating. Please give some option to install Jolla is for Theo's who are interested... Thank you.

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I would pay to buy this.. Feeling creepy after being a product on Android and all the AI stories floating around. Come to think of it, I use my phone most of the time to read news, email, and cast some of my videos and photos to my TV

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Agreed, I'd rather put the SailfishOS on a Nokia 6 than the Xperia XA2 (both have same Snapdragon 630) when Jolla releases support for the XA2 later this year.

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