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Sailfish OS on Nokia Devices

Make Sailfish OS run on Nokia Devices.

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I think sticking to pure android, and of course, good play store apps,  is what most users want. That will be essential to HMD Global's financial success, in my opinion.

 That said, on the desktop, I'm a Linux guy. I'd rather Nokia just unlock the bootloader and be helpful, rather than obstructionist, to community supported independent open source projects that want to create interesting alternatives for those that want something different on quality Nokia hardware. Additionally, once HMD Global and Google stop supporting models as they age, open source projects can provide a second life to older hardware, at no or extremely limited cost to either HMD Global or Google. This is a far superior end-of-life alternative  to running an old, unpatched, out of date operating system. Ultimately, this creates value to HMD in the form of  increased demand for Nokia phones due to their longevity, flexibility, and community minded spirit. These phones will likely have a hardware life far in excess of the 3 years that they will get official security updates for. Being supportive of open source is a win-win for both the company and the phone owners.

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if the hmd wants to be a serious marketer, then he starts to produce a feature phone on which the Jolla system is running. It incorporates a quality camera, intuitive wear, quality sound, whatsapp, viber integration, google sync, qr code reader, wifi, file sharing. The most important thing is to have a 2-3 days stand time and design your mobile phone back. All Smart Phone are same design. The people are not want lot of applications, but a long standby, fast communication Solutions (chat or ptt), one-handed use, should be done. With a plank under my ear you are unhappy to call it, practically zero design work has been around for five to six years!

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Well Jolla first needs to show that Sailfish OS on "feature" phones is at least as good as KaiOS. They also need to attract Google, Facebook and Whatsapp to produce official "apps" for Sailfish OS, which so far they haven't managed to do.

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